Norway: Weekend Escape to charming Oslo

Long time no travel, so quickly, return tickets from Riga to Oslo in pockets, Couchsurfing arranged and here we are heading to the capital of Norway! People say it’s smart to start to explore the… Continue reading

Cyprus: Into The Wild

Wildness in Cyprus? Ou yes, it’s definitely there and might get closer than you could imagine. If I kept my window opened more often, I would have had more guests for sure. I saw loads… Continue reading

Latvia: Welcoming Kalnciema Quarter in Riga

Last weekend I went to Kalnciema Quarter in my hometown Riga. Various concerts and events are organized there. It’s a great place for local groups to show their musical talents as well as to explore various handicrafts… Continue reading

Cyprus: Historical Places in Paphos

Even though Paphos is very touristic, there are some pristine landscapes and archaeological sites too. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure landed in this city after she rose from sea. Loads of interesting tales related… Continue reading

Cyprus: Touristic Side of Paphos

I can’t wait for summer to arrive in Latvia, so this is a perfect moment to gather some mind-warming memories of my stay in Paphos, the Greek side of Cyprus some time ago.… Continue reading

Paris: Excellence To It’s Highest

As it was not warm yet and nature was still sleeping, I focused on the architecture and indoors during my three day visit. I can definitely say that Paris is the most luxurious city… Continue reading

France: See Paris in One Day? Doable

If you have just one day for Paris, you can definitely manage to see a lot. I walked 18 km, rode a bike 9km, what a sportive day! I absolutely didn’t feel these statistics… Continue reading

Spain: Little Streets of Old Town Barcelona

This trip was devoted to show the world to my parents, because they haven’t travelled anywhere far for a long time. As I am learning Spanish and they wanted somewhere warm and sunny, Barcelona… Continue reading