Travel Bucket List

I will add my travel wishes along the way. All the pictures are from random Google searches.

Rio De Janeiro Carneval

Attend Rio De Janeiro Carnival, explore every little detail of the magnificent costumes and share passion for dance

Ta Prohm temple Cambodia

Sneak through the ancient Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia, touch the gigantic roots and feel the energy

Blue Lagoon Iceland Winter

Soak in the steamy Iceland thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon surrounded by snowy mountain peaks, meet whales and see Northern Lights


Float in the infinitive sky-high swimming pool in Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore


Bamboo house

Explore Bali, an island with rich nature landscapes and bamboo houses


 Get mesmerized by the colors of blooming cactuses in Sonoran Desert of Arizona sometime in February to mid June with a peak from mid March to late April.


Lurk through Slot, Antelope, Deer Creek and Blue canyons in Arizona. Get down to Colorado river into the Grand Canyon. So far just walked the trail around it.



Enjoy colours cocktail of Towers Of Paine Park in Patagonia, Chile. Credit for these two pictures goes to my adventurous friend Pascal.


Experience traditional weddings of South India


Go to the one of the most romantic destinations, Bora-Bora island in French Polynesia,  snorkel and enjoy the happy colours of fishes and other wonders of the ocean


Hike the GR130 trail around the volcanic island La Palma, one of the Canary islands. 160 km in 8 days.