Thailand: From South To North In 2 Weeks

I should probably focus on writing my master thesis now, but thoughts prefer to take me back to Thailand. I had never been to South-East Asia, well, Asia in general, so I had no idea which country to start with, so just took the cheapest flight tickets at that moment which lead to Thailand. What an amazing country to travel. Great food, people, perfect infrastructure, breathtaking cave networks in North and endless turquoise beaches, islands and party options in the South. After an hour of authentic Thai massage the feeling is like you have had a three hour gym session. First, second, third massage… and also bruises on legs don’t surprise anymore, rather, assure that it was the real deal 🙂

Photo Jun 11, 2 22 14 PM

On an island Ko Yao Noi, South of Thailand

This is a historical picture to me, as it is the first one from the far far Asia, which to me seemed like a place they talk about in fairytales ‘far away, beyond all sorts of countries, seas and rivers…’

The next bunch of clicks is a collection of temples. What a masterpiece each of them, I still wish to see more…


Wat Pho, Giant Buddha Temple


One Of The Guards Got Tired Of Guarding


In Ayutthaya, The Ancient Capital Of Thailand, At That Time Siam


Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya


Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Ayutthaya


Next to Wat Arun Temple of Dawn, Bangkok

Photo Jun 19, 8 08 02 PM

Tuk-tuk, one of the best means in Bangkok

I met this Australian guy when travelling in Morocco. And then he took us around in Bangkok. World can’t get any smaller than that.

Photo Jun 16, 10 26 04 AM

Even More Efficient Means, Bangkok

These boats take people through the city in an extremely fast pace. Seems that the driver was in hurry and wanted to get home soon. The passengers had to be as efficient to get off and on the boat when it stopped to pick up people. We enjoyed the journey a lot, so joined the ride whenever we had a chance.

Some more logistics-related pictures


Its Obvious Who is the Boss Here

Photo Jun 24, 11 00 54 AM

Cave Lodge in Soppong

This is the legendary tree house which was opened by an Australian cave explorer John Spies as a base for expeditions as it’s located close to the longest and most spectacular cave systems. Now it also invites travellers for a visit. Keywords: amazing traditional food, river rafting, The Caves, early waking-up as the roosters, insects and geckos together make a nice alarm clock at 5AM.


Sachin and Our Guide Looking For An Entrance of Mae Lana Cave, Mae Hong Son

Unfortunately, have no pictures of the cave, because need a powerful gear to have quality clicks in such darkness. It is an 12 km cave with a river passing through and even some waterfalls. It leeds deep underground where no light can enter, thus it has a unique range of insects and fishes which don’t have eyes, because evolutionarily they have lost them as an unnecessary organ.


Probably the Biggest Stalactite that I will probably ever hold, Buddha Cave in Phang Nga


Waterfall Close To Phang Nga Where Rufa Garra Fishes Didn’t Mind To Give Some Feet SPA

And now back to reality, thesis writing…

Happy Travels,
– Ruta