Indonesia: Dream trip to Bali

Bali was on my travel plan for too long! Went and realized that it wouldn’t take much to believe in magic on an island like this. In short, for me it’s  rich culture, amazing hiking and diving opportunities, and bikerides with unforgetable views.


Exterior Of Balinese Hindu Temple

Majority of the inhabitants are Hindu. Each community and family have their temple where they organize secred cermonies. Temples are decorated by ornaments and filled with guard statues who keep their eyes on visitors.


Interior Of Balinese Hindu Temple


Right Next to the Sea

If you look closely in the picture, there are empty chairs under the little roofs of each construction, no specific gods or ancestors are depicted, so each visitor can worship as per their belief.


Little Donation Baskets To Higher Spirits And Ancestors, Ubud

In the mornings streets are filled with incent stick aroma because each family has prepared their little baskets which they place at doorstep. Flowers signify variety of shades that colour life. A tiny treat, either a cookie or sweet also has to be on top. Once I even saw a Mentos candy.


Guard Statue On The Corner Of Bridge

This is what I enjoy about Bali that even though it is a popular tourist destination, life is still quite authentic, all it takes is to get a bike and ride a few km out of the city center and you will be soaked into the locals simple lyfestile.


Little Corner of Paradise

There are loads of waterfalls throughout island. If longing for a less crouded one, drive further off from cities. We were absolutely lucky to discover this remote place. Could take a refreshing swim and join the local kids for some games.


Taman Ujung Water Palace


Golden Orange Koi Fishes In Temple Pura Tirtha Empul, Tampaksiring

Had never seen so much and big fish at once in an artificial pool..


Patterns Of Bali

Bali is often called as island of ‘Holy Water’ as it has spring waters and complex irrigation system which navigates through the island’s temples. Also this temple is built on spring waters. Balinese Hindus as well as people all over the world go there for purification ritual.


Patterns Of Bali II


PADI Open Waters Students

Bali is well known of its amazing dive opportunities so felt like the right place to get diving certification. Did it in Amed cost which has a diverse marine life, great live corals and also the famous USS Liberty Wreck laying 9 to 30 deep and is accessible from shore.


Volcano Batur

Volcano Batur is still active. One side of it is totally black as the last eruprion was quite recently, in 2000. Heard that it still gives some hot steams once reaching the crater and people hike it, so the next days plan was set!


At The Top




Misty Village At The Bottom Of Volcano Batur

Unfortunatelly, due to catching dengu virus had to cut the trip short. Many unseen corners and surrounding islands, so definitely plan to return!

Stay safe and happy travels,
– Ruta