Estonia: Tallinn And Diving In Rummu

Visiting both of these cities is a nice way to experience North of Estonia having an urbanised capital Tallinn and the remote countryside village Rummu located in an hour drive distance. Exploring these places was a sound plan for our Saturday some time ago.
Rummu Quarry And Murru Prison Estonia
Murru is an old ghost prison located in Rummu. Once the quarry was completely dry and prisoners had to work hard to extract limestone bricks. However, when Estonia became independent demand for the material decreased, so the pumps were shut down as there was no need to keep the whole quarry dry anymore. It filled with clean ground water so quickly that many machines were left behind and are now a part of the rocky underwater scenery. It’s said to be one of the best diving places in the Baltics and that is why me and my colleague Kristaps headed there.

Murru Prison Estonia

Beautifully spooky scenaries. Seems that the place is untouched since it was closed.

Murru Prison Estonia

Rain waters and melting snow has made a way down the pile in it’s own style leaving sharp edges behind, so climbing up might get a little tricky at times. Though, it is a must, as it’s easy to see the prison area from top.

Murru Prison Estonia

Some of the buildings have went through a Grafitti makeover giving artistic touch to the place. Even though it seems that it might be more interesting to dive where the houses are as there is a labyrinth of ruins under water to investigate, we decided to dive on the other side of the lake where it’s deeper, about 13m instead of 5 – 10m.

Diving Rummu Quarry Estonia

It was great to explore the big rocks and fish down there as the visibility was about 10 meters. I had no idea that diving is so relaxing and does not require great physical exertion or special skills. Just had to learn a few signs for underwater communication and than with instructor’s guidance dive into the adventure.

Tallinn Estonia

As the day was still young we continued our way to Tallinn which left a nice impression on me. Very clean and compact yet having spacious squares. A lovely medieval Old Town with cobblestone streets and houses dating back as far as to 11th century, vivid life-celebrating vibe where people cherish time well spent. Just make sure you have the right directions as we chose the wrong paths and initially thought that streets are unbelievably empty for a Saturday night.

Tallinn Old Town Estonia

I knew that the old town is known around the world for its well-preserved completeness. Though, I couldn’t imagine that the city wall has survived so well. A powerful defence system which kept the invaders outside so the city hasn’t been rebuilt or ‘improved’ sacrificing the old.

Tallinn Old Town Estonia

Plenty of towers proudly look at the skies and that made it tough for me to follow the suggestion captured on the wall.

Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn Estonia

The biggest Orthodox church in Tallinn, Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral is also going through some makeovers.

Toompea Castle Tallinn Estonia

Enjoyed the happy colours of Estonian parliament building, Toompea Castle.

If you happen to visit the old town, be creative and sneak into the smaller corners as there are plenty of hidden backyards with mesmerising sceneries and cozy little restaurants.

Happy travels,