Norway: 2 Day Hike To Trolltunga

Today is a lovely Sunday here in Jurmala, a suitable day to get comfortable in hammock at my parents garden and put a story together about my second weekend escape to Norway.

Returned a few weeks ago and still can’t get over it. I knew that nature in Norway is amazing but I couldn’t imagine that it’s so amazing. It’s a struggle to pick pictures for this post as plenty of views are outstanding. It seems that if one lives in Norway and has a bad view out of the window, the person must do something wrong with his/her life.

Photo Aug 01, 2 25 276 PMBeginning of the 22 km trail (both ways) is hiding next to these houses, by the foot of Skjeggedal mountain.

Photo Aug 01, 3 31 02 PM

Photo Aug 01, 3 31 01 PMIt starts with steep about 2 km long climb. If you can conquer this part then the rest should be doable too.

Photo Aug 01, 2 25 290PMWondering which direction the way will take us.

Photo Aug 01, 3 31 06 PMPlenty of waterfalls which spoil the thirsty hikers with unbelievably pure and tasty water.

Photo Aug 01, 8 55 07 AMElevation has done it’s job, from rich woods to empty meadows. Height about 1000m.

Photo Aug 01, 8 55 12 AMPeaceful yet breathtaking.

Photo Aug 01, 8 55 01 AMMoss make-up all around.

Saying thanks to the rocky guides who showed us the way.

Photo Aug 01, 9 15 40 AMThe meadow down the alley is where I stayed in a tent for the first time. Waking up at 5am and washing face in cold mountain water while listening to silence and enjoying complete peace around was magical.

Photo Aug 01, 11 19 36 AM2 day hike up and down the tricky mountain trails. Snow, strong wind, rain, mud, +15 to +1C. But hey.. great things happen out of the comfort zone.

Photo Aug 01, 10 45 62 AMWith love.

Photo Aug 01, 12 42 38 PMGame of patterns.

Photo Aug 01, 12 41 27 PM

Even though the trail ain’t easy there are loads of curious explorers to say ‘Hi’ to on the way.

Stunning Trolltunga, Odda

Stunning Trolltunga, Odda

Here it is, the Troll’s tongue as Norweigians call it. Place welcomes thousands of travellers so it took some time for me to get on the stage for a must-have photo. Once I got on.. what a huge tongue it actually is! Standing on the viewpoint nearly 1200 meters above the ground shook and twirled my insides. I layed down on a belly and leaned over the edge to see what’s hiding down there. I discovered absolutely magnificent views.

Happy, thank you, more please,
– Ruta