Latvia: Welcoming Kalnciema Quarter in Riga

Last weekend I went to Kalnciema Quarter in my hometown Riga. Various concerts and events are organized there. It’s a great place for local groups to show their musical talents as well as to explore various handicrafts and home-made special foods. Funny how far I have traveled the world, got lost in various States of America, but have never been to such a wonderful place I live close by. Here are some of the items I discovered.

Photo May 09, 3 01 47 PM

Handmade brooches with symbols from Latvian folklore and silhouette of the country. Majority of them in flag colours, carmine red and white.

Photo May 09, 2 59 59 PM

Minute knitted boots with some personality.

Photo May 09, 2 55 44 PM

Somebody invested some serious time for some serious crafts. Well done wooden spoons.

Photo May 09, 2 52 36 PM

These ceramics was an interesting discovery for me. The items are made from glass, so they are much lighter than the regular clay bowls. Back side is covered in white sand gathered from Latvian beaches.

Photo May 09, 3 05 00 PM

Do you think these are tools? I sure did and was ready to pick them up and feel some weight. Turned out it was chocolate. I realized that I found the best section of market which is filled with various treats.

Photo May 09, 3 08 49 PM

Carrot cake with selection of nuts and dried fruits in a hand-made package. I spoiled myself a bit and bought a treat too, home-made apple-raspberry juice which was a combination I never thought of. I will definitely try to make some once I will get the necessarry ingredients.

Photo May 09, 2 10 42 PM

There was a small stage for concerts, devoted to Spanish culture that day. Ladies performed flamenco in colourful traditional dresses. The dance originated in Andalusia and is known for its emotional intensity, proud carriage, expressive use of the arms and rhythmic stamping of the feet. It’s been told by many stories that only ladies who have mastered flamenco can dance with shawl, a capricious tool of advanced dancers. Other group had castanets too. This was my first and definitely not the last visit of Kalnciema Quarter.