Cyprus: Touristic Side of Paphos

I can’t wait for summer to arrive in Latvia, so this is a perfect moment to gather some mind-warming memories of my stay in Paphos, the Greek side of Cyprus some time ago.

The island enjoys Eastern Mediterranean Sea climate. Even though the average temperature in May is 20’C which is not at all average for Latvian 12’C, due to the high humidity it felt even colder than Latvian May. I remember looking for warm leggings at nights and wishing I had a pair of wool socks with me. When temperature got too good, with average 26’C in August, my air conditioner decided to take a vacation and broke down. Higher the temperature got, more challenging it became to work too. Due to the 5 star hotel restaurant’s standards I had to wear long sleeved shirt even if working on terrace. Running around busy tables in such heat taught me to enjoy the cold May nights.

There are loads of nice resorts, shops, eateries and pubs in Paphos.

Little Shopping Street in Kato Paphos

Little shopping street in Kato Paphos

It's easy to catch sun in Paphos

It’s easy to catch sun

Massage Places With View To The Sea

Massage Places With A View To The Sea

I was on my way to Coral Bay to catch some great views when I saw a small banana tree garden and was wondering if bananas are in there. Curiosity was strong enough to make me ask the bus driver, who surprised me answering that they grow in winter. I could’t imagine that summers are even too hot for the bananas.

House with some privacy

House with some privacy in Coral Bay

Silence and peace in Coral Bay

Peace and silence

Coral Bay villas

Coral Bay villas

I love water so I went to swim as often as I could. Apparently Cypriots like swimming too. If the house is right next to the sea it doesn’t hurt to have a pool as well. There are several water parks in Cyprus. I really enjoyed the one in Limassol, because it’s huge and diverse, with 30 different slides and attractions for all tastes. Just remember, it’s super easy to get sunburned especially during the summer peak when sun is not hiding at all, so have some sun cream with you and drink loads of water. I would also suggest to stay indoors during afternoon hours when sun is the strongest. Meanwhiles, enjoy one of the food or beverage outlets.

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark Limassol

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark in Limassol

These are all the city-ish pictures I could find on my computer. I definitely have much more life-style revealing photos with beautiful landscapes and archeological sites, but that’s for the next story.