France: See Paris in One Day? Doable

If you have just one day for Paris, you can definitely manage to see a lot. I walked 18 km, rode a bike 9km, what a sportive day! I absolutely didn’t feel these statistics as the majestic views and nice conversations with my Couchsurfing host kept my mind busy. Thanks to Michael and bicycle system I managed to see loads of places in the heart of Paris. Let’s dive in!

Photo Mar 08, 9 34 33 AM

Have a little sneak-peak into my ways. Green line is the first day’s route, pink the second, and blue is the third day. Each day getting lazier.



This picture definitely falls under a must-have category. You might think Eiffel Tower is an easy target to photograph. I did not find it easy at all, so I asked help from Michael.

Photo Feb 08, 12 35 21 PM

Our way from The Small Palace, museum of fine arts, led to The Luxor Obelisk. I have always enjoyed ancient Egyptian items, because of the thorough quality they got having such primitive tools. Underneath some instructions in gold explaining how the thing was transported.




 After exiting Tuileries Garden we found Musée d’Orsay, a wonderful impressionist museum situated at a former railway station. It was very welcoming as we got inside in less than 5 minutes, no people queues.


One masterpiece after another. Notre-Dame Cathedral one of the finest examples of French Gotic Architecture.

Photo Feb 08, 3 35 05 PM

Centre Pompidou, a stylish building which houses public information library and is a largest museum for modern art in Europe. One of the contemporary art installations.

Photo Feb 08, 6 16 08 PM

After visiting Pompidou we came across some playful Paris streets which showed some art too.

The Place des Vosges

Photo Feb 08, 4 59 05 PM

The Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris. They did it well.
It is surrounded with small shops and art galleries which creates special atmosphere.


Young and sophisticated buildings’ friendship on Francis Marion street. 14th vs. 20th century.

Photo Feb 08, 5 24 06 PM

It’s well known that people in Paris speak up their minds. Even though I had only three days, I managed to experience Paris in the thick of it. Thousands of people switched on signalisation and beeped against the upcoming law to ban all motorcycles built before the year 2000 from entering the city.



Eiffel Tower is worth to see in a daytime as well as night, makes the darkness so much brighter.