Thailand: From South To North In 2 Weeks

I should probably focus on writing my master thesis now, but thoughts prefer to take me back to Thailand. I had never been to South-East Asia, well, Asia in general, so I had no idea which… Continue reading

Indonesia: Dream trip to Bali

Bali was on my travel plan for too long! Went and realized that it wouldn’t take much to believe in magic on an island like this. In short, for me it’s  rich culture,… Continue reading

India: Himalaya trek of Kashmir Great Lakes

Even though my virtual travel diary has become rusty my backpack barely sticks together. After 4 months of traveling in Thailand, Indonesia and India I have safely returned back to Barcelona. Highlight? This… Continue reading

Morocco: Old Town Medina Fes el-Bali

‘Medina in Fez is like a labyrinth’. This is the first phrase I heard regarding the old town, even though it can be proud of being country’s cultural and spiritual centre, and having the oldest university… Continue reading

Spain: Spectacular Seville

At the moment siting in a cozy cafe in the center of Seville, enjoying hot chocolate and organising my endless amount of photos which I have been capturing for three weeks while visiting… Continue reading

Moving To Spain & Pyrenees Hike

It’s been a while since I shared anything in my blog. Well, with a good reason. Moved my life from Latvia to Spain more than a month ago. My new course-mates are from around the globe. Sharing… Continue reading

Estonia: Tallinn And Diving In Rummu

Visiting both of these cities is a nice way to experience North of Estonia having an urbanised capital Tallinn and the remote countryside village Rummu located in an hour drive distance. Exploring these places was… Continue reading

Norway: 2 Day Hike To Trolltunga

Today is a lovely Sunday here in Jurmala, a suitable day to get comfortable in hammock at my parents garden and put a story together about my second weekend escape to Norway. Returned a few weeks… Continue reading

USA Arizona: Expedition of Cacti

I feel it’s time to dive into the USA tales. I give Arizona a Go as it’s my favourite state and my regular work-related visits have spoiled me with opportunity to thoroughly expolre… Continue reading

Norway: Fram, An Important Piece Of History

Finally getting some thoughts together on Fram Museum I visited in Oslo, located on Bygdøy peninsula. Information was very engaging and interesting so I didn’t mind that the museum stole decent hours of my day.… Continue reading